What is KoolThings?

KoolThings is an innovative system consisting of KoolWand



and is expandable with optional KoolSensors.


Personal Security/Tag

Clip KoolWand to your laptop or valuables (purse, gear) and get instantly alerted (via notification messaging to your phone) when someone attempts to move it. Conversely, KoolWand's buzzer will go off if somebody moves your smartphone.

Place KoolWand in your child’s pocket and be alerted if he/she wanders too far.


Attach KoolWand to your keys and never lose them again. Your Smartphone can trigger KoolWand‘s alarm to locate them.

If you misplace the Smartphone instead, KoolWand can also track and find it by sounding the phone's alarm tone.

Lose an item tagged with KoolWand and our KoolWand community automatically helps locate your lost item "behind the scenes." Its last known GPS location is also saved to help narrow the search.


Smart Home

As your child gets home, KoolBridge sends a notification and a snapped photo (by an optional iOS device such as iPod touch) to your smart phone. A peace of mind.

Attach KoolWand onto any door and get alerted when that door is opened. "Facetime" an iPod Touch at home to view or record the event: an instant Security Camera System with very simple setup. Also great for saying hi to your pets when nobody is at home! A KoolThings Exclusive! Garage-door opener via your 3G/4G smartphone is a stretch-goal add-on too.


Place KoolBridge in the baby’s room and your smartphone becomes a 2-way audio baby monitor. KoolBridge auto-detects the baby's crying sound level and send notifications to your phone.

Using Siri/Google Voice, KoolBridge lets you voice command your

Smart Home: “Turn on Philips Hue LED in living room”, “Set NEST ther- mostat to 65 degree”, or “Play Skyfall by Adele on kitchen stereo”.


Entertainment/Remote Control

With infrared (IR) learning capability and easy sharing between tablets and smartphones, KoolWand transforms your Smartphone into the ultimate remote control with Macro for your Home Entertainment System. The advanced features of gesture controls (swiping on phone's touchscreen, or tapping on KoolWand) and voice commands via Google -Voice or Siri make it even more convenient and more fun controlling your media center and appliances.

Skip a song or adjust the music volume on your smartphone "hands free" with KoolWand gesture control. Great feature to have where it’s illegal to handle a phone while driving!


Smile… Use KoolWand as a remote control and trigger your Smartphone camera to snap a photo. Also works with Nikon, Canon,...

DSLR cameras with built-in infrared receiver. Creative digital photography is also made possible with KoolThings' powerful MACRO feature which can control multiple lights, cameras, sequentially or simultaneously, via Wifi, and IR, BLE Bluetooth low energy.

Stream music wirelessly from your Smartphone/Cloud onto any sound system at home with KoolBridge. We call this feature "AirDroidPlay" as it supports both Android and Apple iOS (similar to Apple AirPlay)

Attach a USB drive containing your music library to KoolBridge and have access to all your playlists in one place. Can play music on your stereo while streaming your photos/videos from USB drive (or even the cloud such as Facebook photos) to your phone/tablet.


How about playing your smartphone music wirelessly onto the car sound system via KoolBridge with KoolWand's gesture control?

Plug a KoolBridge to each room‘s sound system and create an instant Multi-Room Whole House Audio (or, optionally with a KoolWand, to enjoy "Music Follows You" feature). Exclusively KoolBridge!

KoolBridge also plays music in sync with flashing Philips HUE LED's or other LED light strips creating a Vegas Bellagio light show experience.


Health and Fitness

KoolWand tracks your steps, distance run to inspire you to get fit.

For extra motivation, KoolWand works with KoolApp "GymDJ" to speed up your music tempo automatically as you run faster or exercise at higher heart rate (with optional Wahoo heart rate strap). A KoolWand Exclusive!


Used as a TV remote, KoolWand controls how much TV time you get based on whether you have reached your exercise goal for the day. SImilarly, with KoolWand attached to a violin or piano's pedal/ soundboard, you can monitor your (or your kid's) daily music practice time, and get reward with TV or Video game time accordingly. Patent Pending .

Like a Magic Wand...

The possibilities are truly endless...

Many more KoolFeatures and KoolAccessories (KoolMotionSensor, Integrated Wifi/Bluetooth-basedKoolAmp, KoolSmartPowerPlug, KoolGrillSensor, KoolInfraredDongle, KoolHumidity/ TemperatureDongle,) prototypes have been successfully tested and many more are on the horizon... Visit us at www.kooltechs.com for the latest updates.

With our open SDK availability, we are confident that KoolThings will have more innovative applications with creative inputs from backers and developers. We therefore invite you to share with us what is “wanded” through our open platform. After all, it is the magical


“I am thrilled to see the integration of our PIC® microcontrollers in the KoolThings sub-components designed by DeviceLab, a Micro- chip Technology authorized Design Partner,” said Cheri Keller, Sr. manager of Microchip’s Design Partner Program. “I was particularly impressed with how the eXtreme Low Power technology in our mi- crocontrollers was employed in the multisensor, multi-function ‘iWanditAll’ KoolThings wireless platform. Being a gadget freak my- self, I look forward to being an early adopter of this technology.”

“Bluetooth smart devices such as the KoolThings system make the connected lifestyle a reality,” said Sid Shaw, worldwide business and marketing manager, Wireless Connectivity Solutions, Texas In- struments (TI). “We are excited that TI’s

Bluetooth low energy technology is part of this innovative system that helps users get the most out of their connected devices while making them easier to manage.”